Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser Gel with Over 60% Alcohol to Kill Bacteria & Germs

Offering safe and effective protection against many of today’s most well-known viruses, noroviruses, and even the threat of threadworms and c-diff, our antibacterial hand sanitiser gels come available in fragrance-free and scented options and are ready to be shipped to you today.

Made with over 60% alcohol and a “no junk” formula of just six ingredients, all of the 100ml bottles of moisturising antibacterial hand gel we have available for sale kill 99.999% of the bacteria on your hands within 5 minutes of being applied to your skin.

Vegan friendly (read Proud to be a Vegan Hand Sanitiser), cruelty-free, phthalate-free and made from recycled plastic packaging using allergen-free ingredients without any artificial colours, our antibacterial hand gels are safe for daily use no matter how far away from home you might travel.

Small enough to fit inside your purse or your pocket and light enough to leave dangling from your keyring, you can stock up on these travel-sized 100ml hand sanitiser gels for yourself, your family, your co-workers, or your employees and we’ll ship them directly to you in a couple of days.

Still not convinced our scented and fragrance-free hand sanitiser gels are the right choice for your antiseptic and bacteria-fighting needs?

Our line of antibacterial hand sanitiser gels don’t just offer protection against a number of different viruses and germs, there are many reasons you’d want to have our bacteria-fighting hand sanitiser gels close at hand when you need it.

Will Our Antibacterial Hand Gel Protect Against C-Diff & Noroviruses?

Absolutely.  As millions of people continue to get sick from clostridium difficule, norovirus and other many other viruses each and every year, our travel-sized antibacterial hand sanitiser gel bottles are filled with vegan-friendly, cruelty-free ingredients that will gently disinfect your skin against harmful bacteria each and every time you apply it to your hands.

Made to fit in your purse or your pocket with a lid that seals tight to avoid spills and leaks, our anti-bacterial hand gels come in both fragrance-free and fig scents, are stocked and ready to be shipped to your home or office as soon as you place your order.

Will Our Hand Sanitiser Gel Help with Your Acne?

Aside from the bacteria-fighting and moisturising benefits of our alcohol-based hand sanitiser gels, some of our customers want to know if they will help get rid of acne.

While you might get the same cool and tingling feeling you get using other skincare products, that’s only because the alcohol needs to be so strong to kill bacteria and while its antiseptic properties can heal wounds, it won’t penetrate into your pores or help clear your skin.

So while we’d like nothing better than for you to stock up on a bunch of our moisturising hand gels, the antibacterial properties won’t help rid get of your acne or clear up your skin.

Even if you’re thinking about putting our allergen-free hand sanitiser on your face to heal some of your acne scars, there are far better ways to do it even with the “no junk” formula we use.

Can You Use Our Antiseptic Gel for Piercing and Tattoo After Care?

Our antiviral hand sanitizers are formulated to fight bacteria as they protect and disinfect your skin against harmful noroviruses, but the rubbing alcohol we use will make your nose, ear lobes, belly button, eyebrows or any other body part you had pierced dry and irritated.

Since that’s the exact opposite of what you’re piercing artist would suggest using to take care of your tattoo or piercing, you should probably stick to using our antibacterial hand gel to moisturise and disinfect your hands.

The same can be said of the aftercare routine for your tattoo.  While most tattoo artists and shops will recommend an antibacterial soap as part of your after-care regime, the amount of alcohol in our hand sanitisers could cause your skin to dry out and become irritated so should probably avoid using our antiviral and antibacterial hand gel to disinfect your tattoo.

Is Our Hand Sanitising Gel Safe to Use During Pregnancy?

According to the NHS, there are a range of soaps and products that do not contain triclocarban (TCC), a potentially harmful chemical which one study found could be transferred from mother to baby across the placenta and through the mother’s breast milk in mice.

Thankfully, you’re not a mouse and our antibacterial hand gels don’t have any triclocarban in them, so even if you’re pregnant or have a newborn you don’t have to worry about the possible side effects to you or your baby every time you squeeze some of our hand sanitisers into your hands.

Will Our Hand Gel Damage Your Face, Skin or Nails? 

For the same reasons we would not recommend using our alcohol-based hand sanitisers to get rid of acne, we would not recommend using them on your face for any reason at all.  Even if our antibacterial hand sanitisers didn’t have a single drop of alcohol in them, constantly sanitizing and disinfecting your face can lead to rough, dry and even cracked skin.

Since the skin on your face is more sensitive than the other parts of your body, even cleansing with our moisturizing hand gel can cause damage to your skin, so unless you want to use it to remove nail polish when you’re in a rush, keep our hand gel off your face and on your hands.

Whether you’re worried about bacteria, germs, viruses or anything in between, our compact hand sanitisers are filled with antibacterial ingredients to cleanse and disinfect your hands.

Available in scented or non-scented fragrances in convenient 100ml sized bottles you can fit in your pocket, your purse, or hang from your keychain, these hand sanitisers are currently in stock and ready to be delivered to your office or your home.

If you want to order more than one bottle, we’ve even put together a money-saving bundle for you that offers a discount on our hand sanitisers and adds a bonus bottle of our hand wash.

In this bundle, you’ll get one bottle of our fresh fig scent hand gel, one bottle of our fragrance-free hand sanitiser and one bottle of our moisturising, sulfate-free hand wash, filled with sea minerals to clean and hydrate your hands without drying them out.

If you’re worried about your hands getting dry, red, and irritated from using our antiseptic, antiviral, and antibacterial hand sanitiser 2-3 times per day, or as needed, our eco-friendly hand wash comes packaged inside a bio-plastic bottle and can be used along with our antibacterial hand sanitiser gels to cleanse, hydrate and moisturise your skin.

Tested to BS EN 1276:2009 standard for antibacterial efficacy, with a kill rate of 99.999% of bacteria in under 5 minutes. Made in our factory in Manchester, UK.